Baby Hanna | 15 days old

I’m always so excited to capture newborns. They are perfect little angels. If you are a photographer, and love babies, you should definitely give it a try. It is a hard but very heartwarming experience.

Little Hanna was 15 days old when her parents brought her into my studio for the session. Although most newborns this age are mostly sleeping, Hanna seemed to want her beautiful eyes to shine on her portraits.

newborn photography

Cuddling, feeding, wrapping, white noise, heating, nothing worked for settling her to sleep. I guess it was her siesta time at that moment, but after a (long) while she finally fell asleep. And she just looks like a cute little princess.

baby photography

After I getting the shoots I wanted of Hanna by herself, I called in mummy, daddy and her older brother for a few family pictures.

family photography

Mummy and daddy were very satisfied with the photos, and they enjoyed very much the session. I hope one day Hanna also love her pictures.