Baby Lukrecija's photo shoot | 8 days old

I had the pleasure to arrange my first newborn photo shoot with the lovely 8 days old baby girl Lukrecija. They (mum, newborn and her two sisters), arrived at 11ish to my studio, and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon working around the feeds and nap times to capture plenty of beautiful images of the amazing lovely newborn.

Lukrecija was just beautiful and perfect. She was asleep pretty much during the whole photo session, letting me get all the different setups I had in mind. Before the photo shoot, her mum was a bit worried about her little offspring not being a “good girl” and keep moving or crying during the session. So, she can be really proud of her little princess.

newborn photography

The experience, as a photographer, is simply amazing, giving me the best feeling compared to all other photo shoots. I love those tiny little fingers and toes, cute little hands and feet, and being able to capture them with my camera is just a privilege.

For the mum and little baby girl, I can assure the experience was also memorable. I cuddled her and took her in my arms to soothe her as many times as necessary. I just let her set the moments for every of the setups, and then waited and shoot until getting the perfect pictures.

baby girl photography

Even though it was my first newborn photo shoot, I feel proud of myself with the professional results I’ve obtained, and I hope Lukrecija’s mum and dad love the captures as well. Already looking forward to meet Lukrecija again in the near future, I’d love to capture her growing.