Baby photography: Emilija's photo shoot

I’m glad to have found some time to catch up with the blog. It’s been around two weeks since my photo shoot with baby girl Emilija, and short summary: I loved it!

We scheduled when it was best for her, you don’t want a hungry or sleepy baby, it would have been a pity not capturing those gorgeous eyes! So here she was, quiet but alert, following always with her eyes, don’t you dare to take a picture of me when I’m not looking right to the camera :). Even she was easy to work with, playing a few hits of her favourite singer, Britney Spears, helped to make her happier and catch a few smiles.

We played around with a few props, changing setups and poses, and overall I’m very satisfied with the results. And what’s more important, Emilija’s parents also loved them all. Especially her mum who came with the little girl and got herself captured with her baby as well.