Boudoir with Migle

Since I met Migle, she has been telling me how much she likes to be photographed, and although she is not dedicating her time to professional modelling, she has been involved in a few assignments in the past. I don’t remember how the idea of a boudoir session came into play, but I remember she just needed a little push until she happily agreed and we got the ball rolling.

boudoir portrait close-up

We met at her place, a classy apartment with elegant furniture and similar decoration you may find in a nice hotel room. It probably helped her to be a tad more confidence.

The session was awesome. I have never had a boudoir photo shoot, and I was feeling a bit nervous at the beginning. Roberta made me feel relaxed, and really sexy. I must say I love the outcome!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos of the session, or at least the ones she allowed me to published online.

boudoir photography
boudoir photography on a bed
boudoir portrait

  • Make-up artist: Yvonne Fahy
  • Model: Migle

If you are or live around Galway, and fancy to have a few sexy photos of yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll arrange a boudoir session for you that you’ll never forget!