Migle in Barna woods

I finally managed to spare some time and write a short summary of the wonderful photo shoot of last week with Migle in Barna woods, a few kilometers west of Galway. I’ve been quite busy preparing upcoming photo shoots, post-processing the captures from the last two photo sessions, and well, with all the other family matters.

Fashion photography in the forest

I’ve had in mind to do a photo shoot in Barna woods since a few weeks ago. Soon after I talked about this with a friend, who has some experience as a model, and we decided to give it a try. We just needed to wait for the first not rainy day (not so easy in this part of the world!) to get out and shoot.

fashion photography

The idea was to bring clothes that you usually won’t wear in the woods, but rather in a cocktail party or a night out, making the location be really exotic. Before the session we discussed a bit and picked together a few clothes and props. Her black dress with a mask she brought from her last trip to Venice was a terrific combination resulting in very dramatic portraits. The second outfit was a lovely white dress, which gave more of a romantic effect. The last one was a more casual red dress, which combined perfectly with the greens and browns of the forest, as you can see in this half-body portrait.

half-body portrait

Lighting setup

If you are wondering about the lighting used for this photo shoot, I used two speedlites in manual mode triggered wirelessly with my new Yongnuo RF-603, which I have to say I’m very happy with so far. One of the flashes (used as main light) was mounted on a light stand shooting through a white umbrella—which even survived to a fall due to the Irish wind. The other one was used as a hair light, to provide a bit more separation from the background. For this one I used my husband (and son) as the light stand, who also helped my to carry and move everything around.