A&D's family photo shoot

I love taking pictures of families, just capturing the special moments when they all laugh, kiss, play and do basically what they like the most. Kids are great when the camera is around, and the two brothers of from last Sunday’s photo shoot were just fantastic. Kudos for mummy and daddy too!

When working with kids, I try not to make them pose for me, but instead let them be just what they are: kids. They play, they run, they fall, they stand up on their feet again, and laugh. The little Eironas did all that, and much more. It was hard to keep up with him, what an energetic boy! Next time I’ll shoot a video as well, the photos don’t do him justice.

family photography

Poor thing, even his brother wants to get rid of him.

children photography

The older one, Ovidijus, was a bit shy at first, but after some time he was more relaxed, and almost forgot that I was around.

teenager portrait

Notice the boxing gloves on the right? I discovered he practices boxing, and we scheduled another photo shoot featuring him with his boxing gloves. I’ll be posting the captures of this session really soon.

Overall, a really enjoyable session, well worth the time spent. Both the family and I had a great time together, and I hope they love the pictures as much as I did taking them.