Happy 2nd Birthday, Armando!

Happy Birthday, my sweet two year old! 2! I can’t really believe it. I remember it like it was yesterday, and here we are celebrating his 2nd birthday already. He’s growing up so fast!

Since I’m also into cooking and baking, I decided to prepare a delicious rainbow cake (recipe by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio, although any resemblance to the one illustrated in the video is purely coincidental!), which would look awesome for the photo shoot I had in mind.

Armando & his birthday rainbow cake

I also intended to give a first try to cake smash photo sessions, but with my two year old boy that wasn’t going to happen. He is not the kind of boy who would get all dirty and still be happy. Trying to put him close to the cake was already quite of a deed, so I couldn’t imagine what would have happen if… I should have tried last year when he was just one!

Birthday balloons, cupcakes, rainbow cake

Happy 2nd Birthday, Armandito.

Love you, sweet boy.