Happy 3rd Birthday, Armando!

I can’t believe my little boy is 3! Oh my! Happy Birthday my little sunshine!

Every Birthday I make Birthday cake for my little boy. 1st Birthday he had Fruit cake, 2nd Birthday he had Rainbow cake. So this year for sure had to be something with the cars. He loves cars so much!

I made Lightning Mc Queen cake! It took me all day long, but I did it! Wohoo! And of course he loved it!

He just loved unpacking all his presents! As many there’s, it is better! His Grandma from Spain was here to celebrate with us. And his aunt Patricia came all the way from Spain too, wohoo!

His best friend Matteo & his lovely Mum was invited to Birthday party too! Armandito had so much fun with his friend! We all enjoyed Birthday day as much as he did it!

Happy Birthday Armando! We all love you so much!